"I am confident that business is not only a basic economic process of exchanging goods or services against money but that is is alos reconciling basic economic principles with a way to reveal the true nature of people.

The implementation of human values, ethic, respect for commitments and a job well done are guarantees for the satisfaction of all parties involved and for making theses exchanges taste of happiness."

Michel LEVY, MD


ADDS is a human-sized company, not because of the number of collaborators, but through its core balues that, ever since its creation, have promoted a positive team-spirit and open communication between collaborators.

We do our best to develop a productive and truthful partnership with our clients, bringing the guarantee of the joy of working as a team for everyone involved.

Scientific integrity

Our scientific rigor allows us to provide a precise reflection of the original data. ADDS was founded by an MD and has ever since focused on quality scientific data.


Our policy of openness has been endorsed through audits led by our clients and recognized external organizations, demonstrating the high quality of our services.


We commit ourselves to respecting the contracted deadlines.