ADDS offers pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies full coverage of Phase II-III and late phase clinical studies for drugs and medical devices in Western and Central Europe through our offices in France and Czech Republic, as well as in Israel.

As a well-established high-quality European service provider, Advanced Drug and Device Services (ADDS) Group contributes to successfully bring as early, safely and cost effectively as possible your products to the market in a unique one-stop shop approach for Europe.
ADDS helps you to:

  • Conceive your complete development program and risk management plan
  • Secure your administrative submissions
  • Select the right investigator sites
  • Shorten the patient recruitment time
  • Improve the patient retention ratio
  • Anticipate the risks and solve the issues
  • Provide high quality data and reports
  • Meet the Regulatory requirements

Fields of expertise

  • Drug development
    • Oncology
    • Central Nervous System (CNS) (eg Alzheimer, neurodenerative diseases, multiple sclerosis, psychiatry)
    • Cardiovascular diseases and metabolism
  • Orphan Drug
  • Medical devices
  • Combination Products
  • Paediatric Investigation Plan

Description of services

Geographical coverage

  • Western Europe
  • Central Europe
  • Israel
  • Middle East and North African Regions (MENA): Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt,